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Oklahoma Marriage License Info

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Are you looking to have your wedding ceremony in the state of Oklahoma? Then you will need to keep in mind some of the following information to make everything official. To apply for an Oklahoma marriage license, you can usually go to any of the clerk offices in the county you will be getting married. You may find the clerk office in the county probate court or the circuit court.

There is a one time fee for the Oklahoma marriage license, $50. If you and your partner have completed a state sanctioned premarital counseling course, you will only have to pay $5 for the marriage license. Only cash and money orders are accepted as payments. There are no requirements for you and your partner to be current or previous residents of Oklahoma to get a marriage license that is valid through out the state.

There is no waiting period for the marriage license in Oklahoma, so once you pay for it, you will receive it right away. You can also get married right away after you receive the marriage license, since there is no waiting period for that either. To get married in Oklahoma without the need for parental consent, you will need to be 18 years or older. You will need to bring a birth certificate for verification purposes. If you or your partner is under the legal age of 18, the legal guardians or parents will need to be present. If for some reason one parent or guardian is unable to be present, due to divorce, separation or death, you will have to bring verification to prove it. You will also need to bring a certified copy of your birth certificate.

The state of Oklahoma does not require you or your partner to take a blood test or physical exam to obtain a marriage license. Once you receive your marriage license, it will expire within 10 days of its issue date. If you or your partner were married before, but are now divorced or widowed, you will need to provide the date of death or divorce. You should also bring the divorce decree or death certificate. The divorce decree and death certificate can be ordered online.

Once you and your partner are married, the wife will need to file paperwork indicating that she has been legally married in the state of Oklahoma; she will then be able to change her last name. After the wedding ceremony, you will receive a piece of paper, a marriage certificate; this will show proof of your legal wedding. This should be shown to government agencies, such as motor vehicle and social security departments, so that you can change your social security card and driver’s license. The marriage certificate will also need to be presented to institutions that don’t belong to the government, such as credit card agencies, employers, banks, memberships and others that you do business with.

There is a legal name change kit that you can use that has all of the necessary forms for you to fill out. This can be done before or after your wedding ceremony, but is preferred that you do it before the marriage takes place, so to better convenience you.

Marriages that are not allowed here include marriages by proxy, cousin marriages and same sex marriages. Common law marriages are allowed in the state of Oklahoma.
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