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Straight Shooter

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17500 72nd Street, Lexington, ok, 73051
Phone: 405-600-4748, 405-527-2556

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Services Provided: Bands, Musicians

Areas Served: Arbuckle Country, Frontier Country, Great Plains Country, Green Country, Kiamichi Country, Red Carpet Country

Straight Shooter is an award winning 5 piece band that has been together for 10 years. The band is made up of some of the best professional musicians in this area. They have received the award for "Band of the year" given by the Oklahoma Country Music Association. They have also been chosen "Online Country Band of the Year in the European Market". They were selected New Artist Radio "Country Group of the year for 2002" and also nominated in 2003 and 2004 for Country Group of the Year.

Each band member has over 30 years of playing experience. They are an energetic group and play a wide variety of music, including oldies rock, standards, blues and country. They play everything from George Strait to ZZ Top, Righteous Brothers and BB King.

They have played with national acts and recently opened for Confederate Railroad and Ricochet .They have been the house band at show places such as The Cimarron Steakhouse in OKC and other top local clubs. They have been a headliner at Toby Keith’s, Jimmy Buffets Club and some of the states top Casinos. They also play festivals, political rallies car and motorcycle shows, corporate functions, weddings, anniversaries and reunions.

Their CD has received airplay in over thirty countries including England, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. Next time you need that special kind of music for your function they can fit the bill. Straight Shooter has a repertoire of over 300 songs to choose from and they take special requests. This is a band that will strive to keep the crowd involved and entertained and welcomes audience participation!

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