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Oklahoma Wedding Violinist

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1008 Hargis Ln, Moore, OK, 73160
Phone: 405-919-6927

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Services Provided: Bands, Musicians

Areas Served: Arbuckle Country, Frontier Country, Great Plains Country, Green Country, Kiamichi Country, Red Carpet Country

Travis Wackerly is a Oklahoma Wedding Violinist/Fiddler. Classical, Bluegrass, Country, Solo Violin, Violin Duet, Violin and Guitar Combo, Violin and Mandolin Combo, the choices are endless. It's your wedding and one of the biggest responsibilities is to make sure you have the music right, and feel comfortable with your decision. Bands can be fun, but they are typically hired for the reception, a piano can give a really nice mood to the atmosphere but it can't sing or hit those heartful passionate vibrato notes like a violin can. A violinist at your wedding will create a special kind of mood. It will create feelings of excitement and a mood that sets a pleasureable reminder of the lifelong commitment you are making to the one you adore most. Imagine you're on a beach with your Love, nobody around except the two of you, and in the distance, a beautiful violin starts playing as you stare into each others' eyes, what are you feeling? Let me help you create that same mood in a building full of your family and friends as they gather to witness this very special occasion.

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