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Wedding Reception Basics

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Oklahoma Wedding Articles » Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is when the formalities of the actual wedding are finally over and you can celebrate your new life with friends, family and anyone else who wants to have fun. However, planning for your wedding reception can be nothing but exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming. This is because with any type of wedding reception there are tons of things you must plan for and also prepare for. The first thing you must do when planning your wedding reception is to find the location. While many people find that having the wedding reception at the location of their wedding (such as at a church) is what they want to do, this may limit the amount of people that can attend your wedding reception and also the facilities may not be aesthetically pleasing.

You will want to visit several wedding reception venues throughout your city, such as hotel banquet halls and other large meeting areas. If you live in a larger metropolitan area, you will be able to choose between several unique reception areas that will make your wedding truly special. Once you have found a wedding reception location, you will want to ask them several questions. Perhaps the most important question is whether or not they have their own catering service. While many wedding reception venues will have their own catering service within the building, others do not. If where you’re having your wedding reception does not have their own catering service, ask them to give you recommendations. Many reception venues actually have preferred caterers that they will direct you to. Usually these caterers specifically provide food for this venue.

Another question that you will want to ask your wedding reception venue is what their alcoholic beverage policy contains? If you want to have alcoholic drinks at your wedding reception than you will need to learn whether or not this location is licensed to provide alcoholic drinks or if they are only able to host your reception, causing you to bring in drinks from an outside source. While some wedding reception locations will not directly sell you alcoholic beverages, most of them will be able to refer you to a company that will cater the alcohol for your reception. Since you’ll be having a wide variety of individuals at your wedding, you will want to ask your wedding reception venue what their policy on smoking is.
If you have smokers in your family, you will want to make sure there is a designated smoking area. However, don’t be surprised if the entire facility is smoke-free, because many public meeting areas are beginning to ban smoking completely. Also, another very important question to ask your wedding reception venue is whether or not they provide a band or DJ service. If they do not, ask where the DJ or band would be set up and also if they have any recommendations for entertainers. Your wedding reception is the most exciting aspect of your wedding for your guests because they are able to show you how happy they are without having to keep their voices low.

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