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Picture Perfect Wedding Invites

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You are most likely extremely excited about your wedding, so you will want to convey this excitement within your wedding invitations. Make sure that when you are choosing your wedding invitation you choose a design that fits with your personal style, as well as the style of your wedding. This is the first piece of information your guests will have about your wedding so you want it to be a proper introduction for the event. Your wedding invitation can either be personally designed by a professional or you can choose to have a generic designed customized to have your information within it.

It is very important that you choose a wedding invitation that fits the formality of your wedding, the time of year and also where the wedding will take place. When you have a formal wedding invitation you will want to ensure that the invitation includes:

• The Invitation
• The Reception Card (if applicable)
• The RSVP Card
• The RSVP Envelope
• Directions to the Church as well as to the Reception area
• Detailed information about accommodations for your traveling guests.

This information is very important to include within your formal wedding invitation. Most wedding invitations will feature engraved text with a border of some type. While it is tempting to not personally address each wedding invitation, in order to give your wedding a personal touch you will want to hand-address each of the invitations. If you are inviting more than fifty guests, you will want to allow yourself an entire week of writing and sending out invitations. If you’re looking for interesting and professional wedding invitations you will want to consult with a wedding stationary company. This type of company will provide you with the necessary information about the look of your wedding invitation and will also give you options in how you want to your invitation to appear.

Make sure that you begin planning for your wedding invitation at least six months before your wedding begins. This is because you will want to have enough time to locate the perfect invitation as well as giving the company enough time to make and send your invitations. Make sure that you begin addressing your wedding invitations three months before your wedding and have this process finalized within two months of the wedding date. Once your wedding is only six weeks away, you will want to send out all of your invitations, which will give your guests plenty of time to RSVP. If you’re worried that some individuals won’t RSVP in time, put a deadline within your wedding invitation. This deadline should be at least two weeks before your official wedding date. The reason for this is because your wedding caterer will have to have a finalized number by this time so they can begin preparing your wedding food. Having a professional, stunning and informative wedding invitation can take some time, however once you have chosen the appropriate invitation for your wedding, the process will be much easier.

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