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Hairstyles For Your Wedding

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Oklahoma Wedding Articles » Wedding Attire

Creating the perfect wedding hair style is one of the many important aspects that go into your wedding day. Many brides are nervous about their wedding hair style because they did not give themselves enough time to properly plan out what they want to do with their hair. Your wedding hair style is just as important as your wedding gown because it is an extension of your entire look. If you have a wonderful wedding gown, but your hair style is a mess, your entire appearance can be tarnished. This is why you will want to start planning for your wedding hair style no later than six months prior to the actual event.

You will want to visit your local stylist, and as well as bringing photographs of a possible wedding hair style, you will also want to bring a photo of your wedding dress if that is possible. Your goal within this initial wedding hair style consultation is to inform your hair stylist about the “mood” and theme of your wedding. By doing this, your stylist will be able to better choose a wedding hair style that will compliment not only your dress, but the entire design of your wedding.

When you’re choosing a wedding hair style, you will want to remember that the simpler it is, the better the end result will be. While having a wedding hair style that is intricate would seem to be the best idea, these types of hair styles are delicate and after a full-day of mingling with friends and family, especially after dancing at your reception, your hair will have fallen and the entire look would be ruined. This is why you want to choose a wedding hair style that is stylish, simple and easy to keep. With any potential hair style, you will want to have a test-run, which basically means you have your hair done-up as you would on your wedding, and simply walk around throughout your day with this wedding hair style. By doing so you will be able to better understand if a certain hair style is comfortable, long-lasting and easy to keep up.

Make sure that you consider the time of day your wedding will be held at, and also what type of theme your wedding will be. If you are having a daytime wedding, you will want to consider using an informal loose wearing wedding hair style. And if you are having an evening/night wedding, you will want to go with a more formal up-do wedding hair style. Also, never put any type of chemical treatments in your hair the day of your wedding and have your hair colored within two weeks of your wedding date, if you choose to do so. This is because when you color your hair, it is in its most vibrant state within the first two weeks. You will also not want to over-condition your hair because your wedding hair style will not stay properly if your hair has too much condition to it. Only shampoo your hair four days prior to your wedding date.

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