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Oklahoma Wedding Articles

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Rachel Hart: Hair & Makeup
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Wedding Attire
    Get a Beautiful Wedding Dress For Your Big Day
Perhaps the most important aspects of a wedding for a bride, besides the groom, is her wedding dress. The bride’s weddi ...Continue
    Hairstyles For Your Wedding
Creating the perfect wedding hair style is one of the many important aspects that go into your wedding day. Many brides ...Continue
    The Importance of Wedding Shoes
On your wedding day, you will be on your feet for pretty much the entire time. This is why it is very important that yo ...Continue
Wedding Ideas
    Perfect Wedding Day Decorations
Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. This is why your wedding decoration should only enhance ...Continue
Wedding Planning
    Picking Out A Wedding Cake
Buying a wedding cake may not seem like a huge deal; however, many individuals become confused and overwhelmed when the ...Continue
    Picture Perfect Wedding Invites
You are most likely extremely excited about your wedding, so you will want to convey this excitement within your wedding ...Continue
    Finding a Professional Wedding Photographer
Choosing a professional and courteous wedding photographer is extremely important because it is through their pictures y ...Continue
    Planning To Get The Perfect Wedding Ring?
Choosing the perfect wedding ring can sometimes seem like a never-ending task. This is because there are literally thou ...Continue
Wedding Reception
    Wedding Reception Basics
Your wedding reception is when the formalities of the actual wedding are finally over and you can celebrate your new lif ...Continue
    Choosing the Right Wedding Venue
Knowing where you’re having your wedding is just as important as getting married itself. This is because if you do not ...Continue
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